Arboretum Ruby in Zoisite

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The Arboretum Glyphic Design is inspired by the ephemera found on forest floors in Autumn. Unlike their counterparts, the beautiful forest beings will live forever on the Glyphic stonThe design is hand-carved into Ruby in Zoicite, symbolising the green of a lush forest and the purple of rare objects found amongst the leaves.

Ruby in Zoisite, also known as Anyolite, is a stone comprised of zoisite, pargasite, and ruby. The lighter green colour is zoisite, dark green or black is pargasite, and red or magenta colour is ruby. Ruby in Zoisite comes from Tanzania and Kenya.

Our Glyphic Range Dice feature entirely original designs produced in-house. Every design is a new and unique design based around a particular theme, giving you a marriage of design and material. All our designs have two key concepts in mind, style, and number legibility so that they can look stunning and be functional as well.

We suggest, if possible, to see our creations in person at one of your local conventions prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for them. Check our Calendar to find where you can inspect our creations in person.