Black Walnut

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Black Walnut Wood Dice

Black Walnut can vary in colour from a lighter pale to a dark chocolate brown with dark streaks. The graining is straight, which causes Black Walnut to be one of the most durable hardwoods when worked with. This wood wasn’t chosen by chance but because it fought to be the best. The Black Walnut in its tree state is Allelopathic: it releases a chemical from its roots that harms other organisms, giving the tree a competitive advantage against others. Now, we can’t guarantee that this will give you a competitive edge against whatever your DM throws at you, but it can't hurt. The tree is commonly found in abundance in Eastern America and is very popular among woodworkers. It also has good dimensional stability, shock resistance, and strength properties.

Our wood range of dice are crafted using CnC machines to achieve perfection in shape. After crafting our wood dice are treated with a clear varnish once to maintain as close a look to natural as possible while giving your set of dice a longer life. We engrave all our dice based on centre of gravity. It is harder to achieve a perfect weighting with wood, but we are happy to say they are more precise than plastic, and we believe them to be the most perfectly weighted wooden dice made to date. All our dice are made from responsibly-sourced wood (Sourced using all appropriate government guidelines).

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