Flame Touched Titanium Mini D6

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Flame Touched Titanium Mini D6 Metal Dice  

Titanium is a transition metal with a silver colour, but when introduced to a flame, titanium can be created into a rainbow of colours, from gold to purple to blue to white. Flame Touched titanium can be made to order; just let us know the specifications and we can make your dream dice set!

When purchasing Flame Touched Titanium, please use the comment section of the purchase to let us know what colouring you would like. For example, if you would like more gold, purple or blue on the set in general, or if you would like the 6 side of the D6 to be purple and the rest of the d6 gold. We can make adjustments like these to your dice to make them truly custom - and if we are unable to create your request we will let you know via email before making it happen.

Colour override -   Silver - Gold - Purple - Blue - White.

Each set of our Flame Touched Titanium is unique, as such we update the pictures here with the sets that are currently available.

All our Titanium dice are CNC machined and then engraved.

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