Stainless Steel Spindown

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Stainless Steel Metal Dice  

Life counters the precision way! Magic the Gathering Spin Downs! Each die has gone through the exact same precision cutting process all of our metal dice undergo, meaning each Spin Down that can also be used as a normal die. Sporting our Power of Three logo on the top, you will be sure to stand out at your next Sealed, two headed, GP or local shop game!

Our Stainless Steel Dice are 316 grade, also known as Marine Grade Stainless.  It is the preferred steel for use in marine environments because of its greater resistance to pitting corrosion than other grades of steel. The fact that it is negligibly responsive to magnetic fields means that it can be used in applications where a non-magnetic metal is required. All our Stainless Steel Metal Dice are CNC machined and then engraved.

With our entire metal range we do short run engraving with special fonts to keep the dice limited run.

You can find more information on our fonts here.

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