Hyro Tiger's Eye

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The Hyro Glyphic Design is based off the ancient Ancient Egyptian formal writing system, the Hieroglyphs. A combination of logos, symbols and alphabetic elements, these dice will help bring your ancient creatures to life on the table. This design is hand-carved onto metamorphic Tiger's Eye, furthering the mystical lives of the ancient races through it's red-brown color and silky lustre.

Tiger’s Eye is a variety of Quartz formed when asbestos over time replaced by quartz. Tiger’s Eye comes in a variety of colourations of golden brown, red, and blue and can commonly include the inclusions of hematite.

Our Glyphic Range Dice are all engraved on stone, with entirely original designs produced in-house. Every design is a new and unique design based around a complimenting stone, giving you a marriage of design and material. All our designs have two key concepts in mind, style, and number legibility so that they can look stunning and be functional as well. As they are made on stone, each piece is a one of a kind dice.

We suggest, if possible, to see our creations in person at one of your local conventions prior to ordering online to get a full appreciation for them. Check our Calendar to find where you can inspect our creations in person.