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Welcome to Crit Cast Dice Resin! We partnered with an award winning resin manufacturer to design a resin specifically for dice making.

Crit Cast is proudly Australian made under Australia’s world class manufacturing & Health Standards. It is Non-Toxic and FDA approved Food Grade in all of its forms even during the curing process! With its rock hard, scratch resistant, crystal clear and UV stable cure, Crit Cast will allow you to craft click clacks that not only look glorious and also stand the test of time!


  • Included: Two 1ltr bottles of resin (part A) and one 1 ltr bottle of hardener (part B) to make a 3ltr kit. 

  • 2 part epoxy resin with a 2:1 mix ratio (measured by volume)

  • 35 minute pot life

  • 2.5 hour demold time under optimal conditions

  •  24 hour full cure time 

  • Lab tested for 264 hours under UV light with no signs of yellowing

  • Low odor, Non-toxic & FDA approved Food Grade 

  • Dishwasher & microwave safe once cured 

  • Use in combination with appropriate PPE and in a well ventilated area. Keep out of reach of children & pets

Crit Cast SDS

Crit Cast Product Specs

Crit Cast FAQ

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We aren’t the only ones who love Crit Cast Dice Resin!

 "CritCast is hands-down the best epoxy resin we have ever used. And that's saying something, considering we have tried over 40 different resins in the course of testing the Royal Mold System. It's a rock-solid product with a good long working life, fast cure time, and it sets up super hard. It polishes like a dream and is super forgiving of temperature and humidity. It handled everything we could throw at it, from pigments to mica to flakes to inks, even demanding techniques like dirty pours and floral inclusions. Believe me... you won't be disappointed." - Caleb & Alex - Kingsfell Dice
"The explosion of resin art has also led to an explosion of inferior new mystery resins hitting the market, and trying to navigate finding something reliable after the resin I had been using before quality declined was a stressful nightmare. Casting with Crit Cast has been the perfect combo of rock hard cure, bubble-free casts, quick cure time, and fantastic polish/finish. A resin made specifically with dice makers' needs in mind is exactly what we've been needing and I know I'll be using this for the foreseeable future." - Yaniir