Our Fonts

To help keep your dice unique in our dice range, we do short run engravings of our dice with a specific font. After that short run is complete we then move onto a new font and do not do the sets in the old font again. This gives you a set of dice that is limited and also means that over time you can collect your favourite colour in multiple fonts as well!

Current Fonts

Our current fonts are as follows*, and each product will advise you of which fonts are currently available for that particular set:


Released May 1 2018
 JD Numbers


Released August 1 2018
Blatron Numbers


Released January 17 2019
HP Numbers

Legacy Fonts

These are the fonts that have already been retired, and won't be printed again. 


Retired November 28 2018
Military Numbers


Retired May 1 2018
runed font


Retired August 17 2017
 Military Numbers

Sci Fi

Retired August 23 2016
Sci Fi Numbers


Retired June 7 2018
Round Numbers


*Note: Fonts displayed here are the base font. Engravings may appear thicker or thinner depending on the material.