About Us

Dedicated to Creating Luxury Dice

Luxury dice? At Level Up Dice we aim to bring you the best in dice with the most sought after materials, we have three stages of quality control to make sure that the dice you get are the best!


An International Team

Level Up Dice is an Australian owned and internationally operated business designed to bring the world high-quality luxury and collectable dice.

Inspect before you buy

We suggest that when purchasing dice off us to first come check out the dice in person at your local convention; just like when you are buying a diamond, we believe you should check out the dice before purchase. In the event you are unable to check out the dice in person but still would like to make an online purchase, we are always happy to answer any questions for you and you can easily swing us an email via the contact tab.

Convention Appearances

Level Up Dice makes appearances at many of the conventions throughout the year as well as making appearances at your favourite local gaming shop. We also are able to come to a private function. To find out more about this, please contact us! To see which convention we will be at next, check out our schedule calendar here.

The Management Team

Alex - CEO

Alex has worked in customer service for 20 years and makes it his priority that Level Up Dice delivers the best customer experience. He has also been an avid gamer since he picked up his first Fighting Fantasy book 28 years ago. He loves dice and has set a goal to create dice with every material possible.

Justus - Operations Manager 

Justus has been an avid gamer since he was a teen. While his main vice is Magic the Gathering, he has a huge love of board games and all things tabletop. Like any good rpg player, Justus has diversified his skill tree to prepare him for any encounter. This US Air Force veteran and former genuine scientist has the INT, WIS, and CHA to lead the US team and manage the operations. Stop by the booth at any of our US conventions, say hello and take a peek at his award winning moustache.

Atlanta - Social Media and Customer Service Manager

Atlanta has had a love for gaming since she was a little gelfling. Growing up she would play out the entirety or Lord Of The Rings all by herself in her backyard. Starting off as a volunteer for Supanova, Atlanta has been involved in the industry for over 6 years. This has allowed her to truly understand how others think and how to best help them, making her the perfect person to lead our customer service arm and social media leg of Level Up Dice.

Dylan - Business Account Manager and Warehouse Manager (International)

Dylan has been passionate about gaming all his life, and this passion exploded into a driving force once he discovered tabletop roleplaying games, spurring him to begin collecting countless sets of dice of his own. This lead him to Level Up Dice, where he found the perfect place to combine this passion and with his studies of business and law. Now he acts as the accounts manager as well as providing legal advice for the Level Up Dice team.

Emily - Artist and Talent Manager

Emily has been a professional storyteller and swordswoman for the last 10 years. Although she loves all forms of gaming, her heart belongs to Tabletop RPGs for the sense of community and creativity they foster. In questing with LUD, she is excited to activate her passion for building incredible adventuring parties with our best-in-class sales team that understands the RPG community’s needs intimately, and is thrilled to bring gaming accessories from the finest artisans in the industry to your table.

Sean - Assistant Operations Manager

Sean is a true product of the 80's. Growing up with all the cartoon influence he was obsessed with action figures and playing out the stories in his mind. At the age of eight he began his first campaign in the Dark Sun with a group friends with one of their older brothers being the DM. The experience showed him how he could share the worlds stuffed in his mind with others. He quickly assumed the role of DM of the group creating his own worlds and new experiences for his friends all the while using the things from the real world as his source material. He comes from decades of work in the customer service field and knows his way around a set of dice.

Tiffany - Warehouse Manager (USA)

Tiffany has worked in the tabletop industry in many capacities for 20 years. She has also raised 5 gamers (still working on her husband) and has been rolling, sorting, and collecting dice since she can remember. With a passion bordering on the obsessive Tiffany has brought better organization and efficiency to our warehouse so that you can get your dice as quickly as possible.

Celeste - Sales Manager

Celeste hails from a gaming family, and after leaving the nest they continued gaming and conventions where they met and fell in love with the amazing products and people of Level Up Dice who took them in. Celeste loves accessorising, especially dice, so not only do they work directly with customers at conventions but also with the awesome Level Up Dice artists to bring you the best unique rpg accessories.