Cult of the Lamb Knucklebones Bisect

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Style: Ratau & Multi-Coloured Engraved Obsidian

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Welcome to the official limited run luxury Knucklebones Bisect!

Our current Bisects feature Bop and Klunko or Ratau, each with a set of Multi-Colour Engraved Obsidian Dice!

Bisects are a limited run product and each design is available for only a month.

The Knucklebones Cult of the Lamb game set has been reimagined into reality and revealed in a pair of Bisects. Each Bisect is your half of the knucklebones playing field, and with specially positioned magnets, it allows you to connect to the other player's Bisect to form a complete play area for you and your opponent to knucklebones it out!

The Bisect set includes a beautifully hand crafted wooden play area / storage box with a limited run top face design as well as a playing field and a rolling tray that includes the basic rules. Also included in the set are nine intricately crafted ivory jade dice engraved with the knucklebones core design.

*This is a pre-order product*

*This is an officially licensed product*


Q: Why is this product pre-order?

A: There is nothing worse than a product that instantly sells out, and we've seen this too often lately in other products out there. Instead we wanted to give as many people as possible the opportunity to get the Bisect. The product is hand made, and as such we are able to work out delivery and production schedules as the orders come in and we will be fulfilling them based on order placed. As we start to understand the overall interest in the bisect we will be able to further concrete delivery dates.